You Can Do It Too!

Author: Heidi Arndt RDH, BSDH– – CEO – Enhanced Hygiene

Hygienists are not supposed to love numbers, if the are anything like me, they went to hygiene school to avoid taking a bunch of math classes. However today, numbers have become a highlight of my day. I especially love numbers when we look at the performance of our clients! The effort and results they make each day is what powers the Enhanced Hygiene team to keep going. No, it is not just about the number but what those number represent. Better patient care = Revenue = Growth = Opportunity for all!

Today, I want to share an example of an office who put in the effort and the commitment to grow. Let me mention, this change was difficult for this team as they have been working together for over 20 years and changing the status quo was not something they were really excited about, until they saw how some simple changes would impact their patients, their practice and themselves!

Here you go…

Last summer I received a phone call from a dentist (chose to stay anonymous) in Georgia who wanted to know if there was anything we could do to help improve the revenue from his hygiene team. He took over his dad’s practice about 3 years ago, and was tired of working his tail off to pay for all the overhead in his office. (Yes, he saw the hygienists as overhead!) His dad had taught him that hygiene was a loss leader, but he was intrigued by some of the success stories we had shared in the past and wondered if this was possible for his office.

The first thing we do at Enhanced Hygiene is pull some hygiene reports in order to identify the opportunities that exist in hygiene. Upon pulling these reports we saw a great opportunity sitting right within the practice (organic growth, at it’s best!), and we knew with some training and implementation support we could make some major progress within this practice.

The doctor saw the opportunities to grow and without question brought us in to turn around his team! Before we got started on-site, we completed staff surveys, we reviewed current systems and installed a performance dashboard. Once on site, we spent 1- full day training the entire office on the dental hygiene standard of care, communication standards, smart scheduling practices and expectations. Then for 2 days following the training we worked side by side with the team to execute on what we had just trained them on. Once we completed the onsite training, we followed up with virtual support and consistent monitoring of the digital dashboard.

Even with some ups and downs, this team rallied together and achieved some remarkable results!

Here is what this team has achieved in 9 months, and each month it keeps getting better and better!

Screenshot 2016-06-23 at 8.45.47 PM.png

In just 9 months, their return on investment by working with us is a 12x! Now, that is impressive!

As you can see from the numbers, there is still room to grow and the team is poised to meet their goals.  

This team is much like every team we work with. If you are struggling to meet grow your hygiene team, please contact us today and we can help you open the doors to BIG growth!