We Provide Team Training and Implementation Services for Dental Groups


100% of Enhanced Hygiene’s clients to date have achieved a Minimum of a 20% Increase in Hygiene Revenue – and as much as 89% increase in hygiene revenue


Our People:

Our people bring industry focus, business and clinical expertise, and dedication to client success.

Our Holistic Approach:

We offer proven, expert capabilities throughout our client engagements; from developing the strategy and roadmap, through high level training programs, and successful implementation services, and concluding with skilled hygiene leadership training.

Our Collaborative Culture:

We believe in truly partnering with our clients. We strive for a strong cultural fit and a trusted adviser relationship, with a focus on delivery and knowledge transfer. Our consultants are personally invested in our clients’ mission and dedicated to their success.

Our Industry Expertise:

We are sought-after thought leaders known for solving a host of industry-specific clinical & dental hygiene business challenges.


  • Our training is focused on the essential skills of Dental Hygiene.  Using the Dental Hygiene Standard of Care, every dental hygienist can easily implement our repeatable, systematized approaches, strategies and steps.
  • Execution is the focus of our work.  By being on-site for critical elements of training, our team can ensure new approaches are implemented with precision.
  • The Enhanced Hygiene team is made up of proven Dental Hygiene Experts.  Each team member has a strong mentoring training and proven results background.
  • Ongoing measurement, communication and reporting ensure our clients are informed throughout the process.  Any areas in need of adjustment or course correction are immediately identified and addressed.
  • We are true partners to our client with complete alignment of goals.  Our focus is to provide a strong ROI.
  • Because we have developed “superior practice” methodologies for implementing people and process improvements, our clients experience long-term results.






“I know there are many choices out there when seeking a program that will enhance the hygiene program in your practice. I know from working with Heidi Arndt that her program, can and will deliver. Primarily because it focused on three key elements: 1) Professionalizing Hygiene. Recognizing the emphasizing the Hygienist as the vital professionals that they are in our dental practices today. 2) Education. Education not only for the Hygienist, but for the Doctor, Dental Assistant, Front office team, and most importantly, or patients. This education is not centered just on periodontal treatment but rather improving the Patient’s total health. Lastly, 3) Communication. We were shown the importance of the consultative dialogue between the Dentist and Hygienist, as well as the entire team, to insure the proper diagnosis, with the proper treatment, at the appropriate time so that we have an informed Patient that understands we are seeking the best possible outcome for them. This program is truly a win/win.”

Ray Scott, DDS

President, Carus Dental

“As a dentist leading a group practice, I have really struggled to adequately develop my hygiene program and my hygiene team.  Let’s face it:  I’m a dentist and hygiene has never been my top priority.  Enhanced Hygiene was absolutely the right fit to tighten up our hygiene operations and really solidify the foundation we need to build on into future.  The EH team provides a wealth and breadth of experience that is difficult to match.  EH met our expectations by giving us the support and guidance we needed to develop the hygiene program to match our company values.”
Dr. Eric Roman

Owner / Doctor, CarolinasDentist

“Enhanced Hygiene helped us realize our opportunities, train our staff, and provide coaching to help us achieve our goals of continuous improvement. We now have a clearly defined hygiene program and consistent protocols and systems in place. We have central focus on prevention and an engaged and profitable hygiene team delivering a high level of patient care.”

First Choice Dental (10 Locations)

“Our hygiene department is performing in ways I could not have imagined were possible before working with Heidi Arndt and implementing the Enhanced Hygiene program. Heidi’s ability to gain buy-in and explain the “why” behind the program are exceptional, as is the coaching provided to the hygiene team. If you want to do something extraordinary for your hygienists, patients, and your organization this year, work with Heidi and you will not be disappointed with the results!”

Smiles Dental (>20 locations and growing)

“Enhanced Hygiene’s training focused on providing optimal patient care & service that brought tremendous revenue increases. We are 12 months out of training and still experience 30% revenue increases month after month.”

Anne Lucas

Director of Operations, Smiles Dental

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