Equipping your hygiene team with the knowledge, tools and critical skills necessary to grow your practice and increase your revenue.


Introducing the Enhanced Hygiene Learning Lab!


This is it. People have been asking for years, and we’ve delivered! An 8-week virtual training program that is! 

This online program delivers our step-by-step, repeatable system that we’ve been teaching our private clients for over 7 years.


The end result:  your dental teams having the knowledge, the skills and the tools necessary to increase your revenue by a minimum of 30% NOW and into the future.


Starting November 1st

It’s perfect for your team if…

  • You are struggling to grow hygiene revenue.


  • Your team has incredible technical skills…but you need stronger communication, efficiency and influencing skills in order to grow.


  • You have a team that is providing a different level of service and communication to your patients.


  • You struggle with patient retention and treatment plan acceptance.


  • Your hygiene team is continually running behind schedule and productivity is low.


  • You have tried several continuing educational classes, but nothing has provided you the long term “change’ you were hoping for.

 In just 8 weeks, your dental teams will: 

  • Master the dental hygiene appointment with improved patient care, efficiency and strong revenue.
  • Identify opportunities within your hygiene department that will drastically increase your revenue and patient retention.
  • Discover communication skills to improve patient acceptance and create lifelong patients.
  • Understand various CDT codes, fees and how to manage insurance for ultimate success.
  • Create an exceptional patient experience for continued growth.
  • Understand Key performance indicators to drive success.
  • And much, much more!


Our hygiene department is performing in ways I could not have imagined were possible before working with Heidi Arndt and implementing the Enhanced Hygiene program. Heidi’s ability to gain buy-in and explain the “why” behind the program are exceptional, as is the coaching provided to the hygiene team. If you want to do something extraordinary for your hygienists, patients, and your organization this year, work with Heidi and you will not be disappointed with the results!” 

SMILES DENTAL  | > 20 locations and growing

“This training was eye-opening for me. I have been able to help my doctor co-diagnose and we have closed more treatment out of my operatory than ever before.”


“The verbiage we learned has opened a doorway for helping our patients to understand and say “yes”.



Here’s the Breakdown of What You’ll Get:

Understanding Your Opportunities

  • Identify the gaps that exist in your hygiene department.
  • What you should be monitoring.
  • Where are your biggest patient care opportunities?

Scheduling, CDT Codes, Insurance and more

  • How to set up a successful hygiene schedule.
  • Understand your most common CDT codes.
  • How to manage insurance questions and common hang-ups.


  • How to identify your patients wants and needs.
  • What is assessments are necessary, and why?
  • Effective communication through the assessment process.

Periodontal Therapy

  • Understand the new AAP guidelines.
  • Protocol for: When, how and why to treat?
  • Guidelines for treatment and communicating periodontal treatment to your patient.

Caries Risk Assessment

  • How to implement a CRA program into your practice.
  • Communication keys to get your patients excited about prevention.

Treatment Advocate

  • How to calibrate with your doctor so you speak the same language.
  • Tips for presenting restorative options “without diagnosing”
  • How to create same day treatment options in your practice.

Key to Implementation & Execution

  • How to implement this program successfully for ongoing results.
  • Monitoring & accountability tips.


Movtivate & Manage Your Hygiene Team

  • Tip on how to successfully motivate and manage your hygiene team to take action and ownership of success.


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The only question that’s left is…what are you waiting for?

Starting November 1st


What’s included in the
Enhanced Hygiene Learning Lab?

8 - Sequential Training Modules Complete

Over the course of the 8 weeks, you’ll be invited to attend 8 information-packed training modules where we lead you through, step-by-step, my time-tested system — the same system that have generated amazing growth and revenue for our private clients. We’ve divided the modules into easily digestible segments, ensuring you are able to take action as you go.

4 - Members-Only Q&A Calls

You will be able to connect with my team and I to discuss your most burning questions. These are live sessions where you can ask any question you’d like and also glean knowledge from the other questions that are posed on the calls!


Audio Recordings of All Training Modules & Q&A Calls

All training modules and live Q&A calls are recorded and the replay links are available for listening; capable of downloading shortly after the segment occurs.

Downloadable Tools, Templates and Communication Scripts

Along the way, we’ll provide you with relevant graphs, checklists and templates you can leverage in your practice right away as well as scripts to help you address common hang-ups.

A Private Online Forum

This collaborative private forum (delivered via Facebook) is where you can network and connect with like-minded dental teams from around the country along with your Enhanced Hygiene team of experts. (Up to 4 members per office membership.)

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To reserve your spot in this virtual program, click on the secure order button below.

You’ll pay $1,795 per office and get instant access to the Learning Lab details. The only question that’s left is…what are you waiting for?

Starting November 1st